Privacy Policy

Handling of Your Privacy Rights

          Operating this website (hereafter referred to as "this site"), Hayashi Telempu Co., Ltd. gives the utmost attention to respecting our customer's privacy and to the Handling of personal information. At the same time, through careful protection and appropriate management, we are working to prevent leakage, modification or loss of personal information.

          1. Purpose of Using Private Information In principle, customer's personal information shall be used only for the purpose of supplying information on our company's operations, for explaining future reforms corresponding to customer's opinions and requests, and for responding to customer inquiries. Private information is not used for any purpose other than those described above.

          2. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties Except for the cases listed below, our company shall not disclose, supply, or transfer our customer's private information to third parties.
                    2.1. A disclosure request is issued by a third party organization with legally binding authority.
                    2.2. Prior consent is received from a relevant customer.

          3. Use of Cookies This site uses cookies. Cookies are used to enable convenient use of this site by customers who are revisiting the site. Cookies do not infringe on the privacy of customers.

          4. Scope of Application This privacy policy applies only to within this website. Our company assumes no responsibility for the protection of private information at external website which are linked to this site.